[MUD-Dev] Player Justice

Damion Schubert ubiq at zenofdesign.com
Wed Mar 10 01:59:15 CET 2004

From: Paul Schwanz
> Damion Schubert wrote:

>> Again, I suspect that [Meridian's Justicar] system would have
>> failed in a larger world such as SWG, UO, SB.  But for a smaller
>> MUD, it might work dandy.

> What if the larger world were built around a bunch of smaller
> communities?  For example, a Meridian-sized town has its own
> citizens.  If anyone kills one of those citizens, they get an
> orange flag.  Guards won't allow someone with an orange flag to
> enter the town, but if the flagged character is a citizen of the
> town, then they can petition the town's Justicar to have the flag
> removed.  Wouldn't this sort of approach bring the numbers back
> down to where a Justicar could handle things, even though the
> smaller community existed in a large world?

To some degree, rough town-based systems already exist in larger
games, such as Star Wars Galaxies and Shadowbane (which I work on).
Both revolve around a leader (elected in SWG, the guild founder in
SB) having the ability to declare someone KOS, which means that the
guards attack them on sight.

I can't speak for the Star Wars guys, but in our case, the problem
is that the guild leaders only have control over a small sphere of
the world (their town).  This is effective in protecting their guild
members, but it has a huge undesirable effect - all of the truly
antisocial behavior is then channeled towards players who have no
advocate to defend them - namely, the unguilded (i.e. the newbies).

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