[MUD-Dev] Character Restraint & Capture.

Damion Schubert ubiq at zenofdesign.com
Wed Mar 10 01:59:17 CET 2004

From: Paul Schwanz
> Matt Mihaly wrote:

>> *boggle* We have these systems in place in all our games. Using
>> these city powers isn't about 'justice' for most players. It's
>> about manipulating them to cause the maximum amount of pain to
>> your enemies. For instance, cities have been known to lure (using
>> various methods from coded methods to just just convincing them
>> to) others into their city and then declare them persona non
>> grata after that person is in the middle of the city, then call
>> the city guards to kill the 'intruder.'

> *boggle back* And you couldn't figure out a way keep that from
> happening?!?  Perhaps the guards don't kill you withing the first
> 30 minutes.  Rather, they just "escort" you off the city's
> territory.  You seem to be confusing poor implementations with
> poor concepts.

Then you get a system where the guards stand by and watch the
interlopers butcher, harass, mudrape their citizens.  Then you have
to code special rules to allow the guildmaster to deal with players
who are an imminent threat.  (After all, what good is justice unless
it is swift, eh?)  Before you know it, you have one really nasty
batch of code.  And players will still find holes in it.

If there's one thing I believe strongly in, it's that simple systems
are the way to go in MMPS.  Attempting to go into too much depth
will always bite you in the rear, as the sheer number of possible
interactions of all these systems and how players find to screw with
them will provide plenty of depth (and coding headaches) on their

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