[MUD-Dev] RE: TECH DGN: Story detection

Mike Rozak Mike at mxac.com.au
Fri Sep 9 02:59:27 CEST 2005

John Arras wrote:

> With that in mind, the system I am working on uses 5 major
> components that work together to try to generate stories and let
> players create their own stories. I've decided to call this REIGN
> AI because the components are Reputation, Environment (or
> Ecology), Items, Groups and News.  snip...

Sounds vaguely like what I've coded, although I don't think I'm into
as much automated content generation.

By the way, you may have forgotten to mention it, but if the PCs are
a member of a guild, then the NPC reaction to the PC also includes
the NPC's reaction to the PC's guild. Thus, guilds that are nice to
elves will result in elves being nice to the guild's members, and
orcs (enemies of elves) being unhappy with the guild's members.

This kind of design makes the NPCs come (more) alive. I don't know
if they're alive enough to make a story... depending upon your
definition of story. As I posted before, it would be easy enough for
a live GM to "pull the strings" attached to the NPC factions,
causing their actions to build into a larger story. Exactly what
individual NPCs do is left up to their AIs.

Mike Rozak
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