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Fri Sep 9 14:58:11 CEST 2005

On 9/8/05, Mike Rozak <Mike at mxac.com.au> wrote:

> By the way, you may have forgotten to mention it, but if the PCs
> are a member of a guild, then the NPC reaction to the PC also
> includes the NPC's reaction to the PC's guild. Thus, guilds that
> are nice to elves will result in elves being nice to the guild's
> members, and orcs (enemies of elves) being unhappy with the
> guild's members.

I've thought about this and I am trying to generalize the concepts
of "party/group" and "guild/clan" into one thing. I don't know how
to do it nicely, but I want players to be able to join up to N
groups, some of which are short term and small (like parties) and
some of which are long-term and large (like guilds). Some may also
be short-term and large (like a raid group) or long-term and small
(like a small trading consortium that has all of the trade skills
split among its members). The groups should have certain privileges
and rules, and it isn't clear how certain privileges will overlap
(like joining two parties...where does the exp/loot go...but perhaps
the groups should have certain attributes like "share exp" and you
can only be in one group at a time with that attribute?) Some may
also be created for specific purposes (like players all decide they
REALLY want a certain town to do something so they join together to
pool their influence for this one action.

I also see nothing wrong with letting players join up to N
guilds. For example, maybe one is an alt-levelling/exp guild, maybe
one is a raid guild, maybe one is a PvP guild. Maybe one is
concerned with fighting wars in the world, maybe one is concerned
with trade, maybe one is concerned with getting political power. So
players belong to multiple groups just as NPCs do, and I expect the
guild charter can determine what kinds of influence the guild can
have on the NPCs of the world? Maybe set it up so if your guild
focuses on one area, you get more reputation in that area, and less
in others? Or you can spread it out. Basically, I want to make the
player groups more interesting than just party/guild, or special
groups you can join once you've completed quests X, Y and Z.

Where do systems like this already exist? I've spent my whole life
playing combat MUDs, so I haven't experienced this yet.

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