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Mike Rozak Mike at mxac.com.au
Fri Sep 9 23:41:04 CEST 2005

John Arras wrote:

> I've thought about this and I am trying to generalize the concepts
> of "party/group" and "guild/clan" into one thing.  Snip...

Due to the design of my VW, I probably won't have guilds (in the
standard sense) like you're thinking of. I haven't put any thought
into priviledge. I only went to far as to extend the AI's knowledge,
so it knows a PC is in a guild, and that members of the guild are
friendly/hostile towards the AI and the AI's
organizations. Likewise, the PC can be in several "guilds"; for
example, race could be considered a guild, as well as the PC's home

> like joining two parties...where does the exp/loot go.. .but
> perhaps the groups should have certain attributes like "share exp"
> and you can only be in one group at a time with that attribute?)

As an aside... Just because it's the norm to base virtual worlds on
hunting/gathering (see
http://www.mxac.com.au/drt/ProblemSolving.htm), doesn't mean your VW
needs to be based on this. Emphasizing XP/loot farming is a
hunter/gatherer crutch.

> and I expect the guild charter can determine what kinds of
> influence the guild can have on the NPCs of the world?

Social capital. One just has to figure out how a guild/PC can earn
social capital from NPCs, and how guilds/PCs spend it.

> Where do systems like this already exist?

Other posters to mud-dev have mentioned AI as being a priority,
although they've been vague on details. Undoubtedly, some are
working on similar schemes to your own.

Mike Rozak
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