[MUD-Dev] Stranger in a Strange Land (was Usability and interface and who the hell is supposed to be playing, anyway? (Was: PK Again))

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>Then in my opinion you ought to add in-game email.  Not only is it a
>great tool for group leaders to organize their clan/guild, but I
>believe it is a reason for players to log on regularly as well.  

Hurm.  My intention has been to have in-game email which was
optionally BCC'ed to the player's registered 'net email addresses. 
Email would not be able to be sent from the 'net back into the game,
or via the game to other players, as that would allow the link between
human players and characters to be exposed (I currently have no way
for a character to determine what human is playing what character, or
what character is controlling what body).  As I do allow
inter-character communication, and inter-body communication, email
would be sent to characters (skipping the body binding entirely), or
to bodies (skipping the character binding entirely, but forwarded to
the appropriate current character).  

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