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Sun Oct 5 12:46:26 CEST 1997

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| Just for the record, Worlds of Carnage, done by DimWit and Gilgamesh, 
| was the first Diku to use an embedded scripting language, as opposed 
| to calling spec_procs. Merc's mobprogs are based on their work, and 
| used to be acknowledged as such in the docs... Merc's mobprogs, which 
| now seem to be in common usage in the Diku world, also suck compared 
| to Carnage's system. After WoC (founded in I think '92, and which I 
| think is still around, though at one point the building that housed it 
| burned down) came Legend with a somewhat nicer script language of its 
| own and then Merc, and then another (Imperium Gothique?) that 
| drastically extended and expanded mobprogs. Legend's original immortal 
| staff is largely old Carnage players...
| Far as I know, mobprogs is the only one of these that was ever 
| released, although Cythera is running WoC code and has its "acts" 
| system as well.

	For whomever it may interest, a source code containing the
	Imperium Gothique mobprogs (and a ton of other stuff like
	skill-tree based advancement) is available at
	If you download it, I would appreciate if you would keep it
	out of public circulation; other than that, for non-commercial
	purposes all my code may be freely used.


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