Poison List - Part IV

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Fri Oct 31 00:32:52 CET 1997

Snow spider poison            Does 3-24(3d8) damage (Half if save
                              is made) and victim is blinded  for
                              1-10(1d10)  turns.  If the save  is
                              missed,  the victim is  permenantly

Spell poison                  When this poison is introduced into
                              the  blood  stream, it  releases  a
                              random  spell.   After  that,   any
                              wound  recived  fires  off  another
                              random spell.  This goes on until 2
                              - 12 (2d6) spells have been  "cast"
                              (This does NOT incluse the original
                              spell) or 7 days have passed

Spice poison                  Comsuning   this  poison  or   skin
                              contact  with it will cause 2 -  10
                              (1d6+1d4)  damage,  and  will  also
                              counteract  the  next  TWO  potions
                              that the victim consumes (They will
                              be gone but will NOT take effect)

Spiga venom                   Does   2-12(2d6)   to   12-72(12d6)
                              damage and paralyzes the victim.  A
                              save  indicates half damage and  no

Spiny slayer poison           Save vs. poison or take 8-64  (8d8)
                              damage.   A  save  indicates   half

Spore poison                  Damage done is 2d6 to 7d6, Half  if

Sporoid mushroom poison       This  poison effects the lungs,  as
                              it  causes the lungs to shut  down.
                              The  victim can't breath  and  they
                              will  take no damage for one  round
                              per point of constitution hit  dice
                              bonus,  after  that they  take  one
                              point  of damage and one point  off
                              of their intellegence until dead or
                              the  poison  is  neutralized.    If
                              their  intellegence goes  to  zero,
                              they  are  brain dead and  must  be
                              raised.  Lost  intellegence  points
                              may  be recovered be a  RESTORATION

Stego-centipede               Save or die.  If save is made, take
                              3-12 (3d4) damage

Steroid mushroom poison       Save  vs. poison or  this  mushroom
                              dust will act upon the victim as  a
                              12th   level  druidical   CONFUSION

Stingray poison               Save vs. poison or be paralyzed for
                              5 - 20 (5d4) rounds and take a like
                              amount  of damage, else take 1 -  3
                              points of damage

Stingwing poison              Save  vs. poison TWICE or die.   If
                              both save are made, save again,  if
                              successful take 3-18 (3d6)  damage,
                              if failed, take 6-36 (6d6) damage

Stirge sweat                  Brownish, sap-like liquid.  Does  6
                              - 24 (6d4) damage, starts in 2 -  4
                              (1d4+2) rounds, runs it's course in
                              2  - 8 (2d4) rounds.  Save  for  no

Stonefish toxin               This  toxin from the  stonefish  is
                              given is small doses in respect  to
                              the  intense pain that  is  causes.
                              The  pain,  which is  described  as
                              instantainious, intense, sharp, and
                              burning  radiating  within  minutes
                              from the wound site, involving  the
                              entire  leg, groin, abdomin, or  if
                              in   the  upper  extremities,   the
                              armpit,  shoulder, neck  and  head.
                              The pain may become so severe  that
                              the victim thrashes about,  rolling
                              on the ground, screaming in  agony,
                              and  at times losing  consciouness.
                              The  areas  around the  wound  (and
                              extremity) become numb, a condition
                              that continues for 2-12 (2d6)  days
                              (In  some cases the limb  has  been
                              paralyzed for three weeks).   Death
                              (If the save failed) will happenone
                              to   six  (1d6)  hours  after   the
                              initial  onset of the toxin.   Each
                              successive  dose  will  reduce  the
                              victim's save by one for each  dose
                              introduced.  This is permenant  (It
                              is  also  against future  saves  as

Stunjelly poison              Save  vs. poison or be stunned  and
                              paralyzed for 5 - 20 (5d4) rounds

Sunbear saliva                Causes victim to burst into  flames
                              for  1-8(1d8)  damage  per   round.
                              Save  for half damage.  Holy  water
                              will extinguish the flames as  will
                              a PYROTECHNICHS spell

Sundew acid                   Does  1 point of damage per  round,
                              lasts  1-10  (1d10)  rounds.    Oil
                              washes it off

Surchur saliva                This saliva causes 2-8 (2d4) damage
                              per   round   until    neutralized.
                              Either  salt water or a  NEUTRALIZE
                              POISON will do this

Svirfneblin acid              Instantly  destroys any armor  worn
                              by  the  victim and causes  2  -  8
                              (2d4) damage in the process

Svirfneblin poison            Causes 1 - 3 damage, stunds for 1 -
                              3 rounds and then SLOWs the  victim
                              for 1 - 6 rounds

T'cheem                       Save vs. poison or the victim  will
                              sucumb to the effects of a  REVERSE
                              GRAVITY spell.  They must save each
                              round for 1-6 (1d6) rounds

Taer elixir                   Save  vs.  poison  (+1)  or  become
                              nauseated  for  2-5  (1d4+1)  hours
                              (12-30  turns), causeing -2 to  hit
                              and -1 to damage

Teko                          Light blue oil.  Does 4 - 32  (4d8)
                              damage,  starts  in 1  round,  runs
                              it's course in 1 - 3 rounds.   Save
                              for half damage at -3

Temperature Alteration        Raises  or lowers the victims  body
                              temperature  up or down by 2 to  12
                              degrees (also causing a like amount
                              of damage, lasts for 3 minutes)

Tenamort poison               Save   vs.   paralyzation   or   be
                              paralized for 1 - 6 rounds and  the
                              characters  internal  organs   will
                              begin  to soften so that they  will
                              take   double   damage   from   and
                              physical attacks for 1 - 12 days or
                              until  a  HEAL spell is  cast  upon

Teneborus poison              Does 1-6 (1d6) damage and save (-3)
                              or  be  paralized  for  6-36  (6d6)

Teneborus toxin               Does 4-40 (4d10) damage, save  (-3)
                              for half damage

Terragon poison               A rare spice which if comsumed  raw
                              will cause 6 - 60 (6d10) damage  to
                              the  victim, and will cause 3 -  30
                              (3d10)  if placed in  contact  with
                              bare flesh.  (There is no save  vs.
                              poison when flesh contact is made)

Thaykhay poison               Save vs. poison or take 2-20 (2d10)

Thessalhydra acid             Causes 1-20 (1d20) damage, 1  point
                              per round

Thri-kreen venom              Save vs. poison or be paralized for
                              2-16 (2d8) rounds

Thrum                         A light blueish liquid, smells like
                              sour  lemons.   Does 6 -  36  (6d6)
                              damage.   Starts in 1 -  4  rounds,
                              runs  it's course in 1 -  3  turns.
                              Save for half damage

Tigerfly poison               Save  vs.  poison or take  4  -  24
                              (4d12) damage and be paralized  for
                              1 - 6 rounds

Timewasp poison               Save  vs. poison (-1) or take  8-80
                              (8d10)  damage and  be  timestopped
                              for a same number of rounds

Tomatoeleaf poison            Save  vs.  poison or die,  else  it
                              effects  as  a HURT  spell  on  the

Touch-Spice poison            Any contact with this poison causes
                              sensory  deprivation, depending  of
                              course,  on how long (one round  of
                              contact equals one contact), or how
                              many   times   contact   is   made.
                              Consult the following chart:
                               13...Death of victim
                               14...Disintigration of victim's body

                               * = Permenant loss (Only a WISH will restore)

Toxic toad spittle            Save vs. poison or take 4-32  (4d8)
                              damage.  Save indicates half damage

Tri-flower pollen             Save  vs. poison (-1) or sleep  for
                              1-4 (1d4) days

Tri-flower sap                Does  2-8  (2d4) damage  per  round
                              until neutralized.  Water will wash
                              it off

Trif                          Odorless, light gold liquid.   Does
                              5 - 30 (5d6) damage, starts in 1  -
                              4 turns, runs it's course in 1 - 12
                              rounds.  Reduces victim's dexterity
                              by 2 points for every 10 points  of
                              damage   taken.    This   is   only
                              restored  by rest.  Save  for  half
                              damage at -2

Triffid poison                Save vs. poison or take 4-24  (3d6)
                              damage.  Save indicates half damage

Trivern poison                Save vs. poison or take 8-48  (8d6)
                              damage,   a  save  indicates   half

Trollsblood                   Grayish  green fluid.  Does 4 -  48
                              (4d12)  damage,  starts in  1  -  4
                              rounds,  runs it's course in 1 -  6
                              rounds.  Save for no damage

Tubon                         A  pale  yellow liquid  or  powder,
                              smells like ripe mellons.  Does 5 -
                              30  (5d6) damage, starts in 1 -  10
                              rounds, runds it's course in 1 -  6
                              turns.  Save for half damage at +1

Twilightbloom poison          Save vs. poison (-2) or die

Tylatch                       Clear    liquid,    smells     like
                              sandlewood.   Starts  in  1  round,
                              runs it's course in 6 turns,  doing
                              10  points  of  damage  per   turn.
                              Victim   fall   instantly   asleep,
                              cannot be awakened.  Save for  half
                              damage at -2.  If victim  survives,
                              they  will awaken after the 6  turn

Ulcrun                        This  is  a  milky  white,  viscous
                              liquid  that  is effective  on  all
                              warm    blooded    creatures,    by
                              insinuation only (No saving throw).
                              Two rounds after contact, it causes
                              1-4  (1d4) damage to  the  muscular
                              system  - weakening  and  softening
                              tendons,   ligaments,   bones   and
                              cartilage.  On the following round,
                              it  causes 1-12 (1d12)  damage  and
                              then  take 1-4 (1d4) damage on  the
                              third round after which the effects
                              of the poison pass.  Until  healing
                              processes   (either   natural    or
                              magical)  counter it's damage,  the
                              effected creature will have lost 1-
                              4  (1d4)  points  of  strength  and

Uropygus gas                  Save    vs.    poison    (-3)    or
                              fight/defend  at -3 due to  nervous
                              spasms, lasts for 3-18 (3d6) rounds

Ustilagor acid                Causes  2-5 (1d4) damage per  round
                              for 2 rounds

Valley-lilly                  A  neuro-toxin  that  effects   the
                              pulmanary  muscles.  It causes  the
                              heart  to beat at a very  irregular
                              rate.   The  beat  will  be   1-100
                              (1d100)  per  round.   Victim  will
                              take  30 - constitution per  round.
                              Toxin lasts 1-6 (1d6) rounds

Varrakas                      This  is a thick black  syrup.   To
                              avoid  detection, single drops  are
                              added to gravy or dark sauces,  but
                              the effects increase with each dose
                              (drop)  ingested.  Varrakas  has  a
                              slightly oily taste, but no  strong
                              flavor.   Every  drop  of  Varrakas
                              does  1-4  (1d4)  damage  when   it
                              enters  into  the  bloodstream  (It
                              bypasses  the digestive  system  by
                              masquerading  as a  nutrient).   It
                              lies dormant for a period of  18-24
                              (1d8+17)  rounds  after  ingestion.
                              Varrakas   is  only  an   ingestive
                              poison.   It  is effective  in  ALL

Vedya                         Pale purle liquid or powder, smells
                              like   rasins.   Does  10   -   100
                              (10d10),  starts  in 1 -  6  turns,
                              runs it's course over a period of 1
                              - 6 days (assess appropriate points
                              of damage each day, dividing  total
                              into    one    hour    increments).
                              Agaonizing  very  slow  death.   No
                              saving throw

Velvet slime mold poison      Save  vs. poison or take 2-8  (2d4)

Vilmat                        Clear oily liquid.  Does 6-36 (6d6)
                              damage,   starts  in  3-7   (1d4+3)
                              rounds, runs it's course in 1 turn.
                              This actually reduces the creatures
                              intellegence  by one point per  six
                              points of damage taken.  THIS  LOSS
                              IN  PERMENANT.   A  restoration  is
                              required   to  recover   the   lost
                              points.  Save indicates half damage

Vocal                         The  effect  of this  poison  would
                              only effect spell casters, as  it's
                              effects on the vocal cords are  the
                              same  as if the victim had  inhaled
                              helium (No vocal components can  be
                              used  while poison is  in  effect).
                              Lasts 24 hours

Voloe poison                  Does  1-3(1d3) to 4-12(4d3)  damage
                              and blinds the victim, save for  no

Vord poison                   Save  vs.  poison or  be  paralyzed
                              until cured.  A save indicates  the
                              recipient  creature has a  muscular
                              slowdown,  the  creature  will   be
                              SLOWed  until  it/they  recieve   a
                              NEUTRALIZE POISON spell

Wave                          This poison dehidrates 5 points  of
                              damage per round (double for  water
                              creatures).   A  NEUTRALIZE  POISON
                              will  not stop this, only a  CREATE
                              WATER will.  Duration: Until  death
                              or stopped.  No save

Weakness                      Causes  a permenent loss of 2  -  8
                              hit points

Weeverfish toxin              Weeverfish toxin generally produces
                              instant     pain    which     comes
                              progressively more severe until  it
                              reaches an excruciating peak.   The
                              severeity of the pain is such  that
                              the   victim  frequently   thrashes
                              about   wildly,   and   may    lose
                              consciousnes.  These symptoms  last
                              anywhere from 2-24 (2d12) hours and
                              are   accompanied   by   headaches,
                              fever,       chills,        cardiac
                              palpitations,   and   convoultions.
                              Death  will occur if more than  one
                              dose  is given.  No save  vs.  this
                              one.   It is used commonly  by  the
                              upper  echelon  of  the  assassin's
                              guild  as a warning (One dose  only
                              causes the pain and convoultions)

Whisper wasp poison           Save  vs.  poison  or  fall  asleep
                              (Instantly) for 8-96(8d12) days,  a
                              save  indicates  groginess  (-2  to
                              hit, -2 to Armor class)

White hydra                   This is an acid which freezes  upon
                              contact  with the air, it  does  6-
                              36(6d6) damage

Whither                       A  rare blend of herbs  and  spices
                              that   causes  a  unique   chemical
                              breakdown in the body, lasts for 10
                              rounds.   Save each round  or  lose
                              one       constitution        point

Wiess                         A  desert  poison that  causes  the
                              skin to break down.  It causes  the
                              pigment  cells in the skin to  die,
                              turning the creature into an albino
                              within   a  matter  of  weeks   (20

                              If subjected to intense light (such
                              as  desert sun), the creature  will
                              take  two (2) points of damage  per
                              turn in the sun

Wimp poison                   No save vs. this one, as it  always
                              does only 1 point of damage

Wind devil toxin              Save vs. poison or take 4-32  (4d8)
                              freezing  damage  per  round  until
                              cured.   Save each round  for  half

Witchhand                     A  clear liquid, almost  impossible
                              to detect.  Upon contact with flesh
                              it does 3 - 24 (3d8), starts in 1 -
                              4  rounds, runs it's course in 1  -
                              10 rounds.  Save for no damage

Witherstench fluid            Save vs. poison or be retching  and
                              vomiting  causing the victim to  be
                              unable to defend or attack for 1  -
                              10   rounds  (Less   the   victim's
                              constitution bonus, Not to go  less
                              than 1 round of retching)

Witherweed smoke              When  released,  this  thick   oily
                              smoke  expands into a 20 foot x  20
                              foot cloud and all inside it take 2
                              - 12 (2d6) damage with no save

Wobra poison                  Gotten from a rare form of a cobra,
                              this  poison does 2-12(2d6)  damage
                              then lies in state in the body  for
                              2-8(2d4)  turns.  It  then  becomes
                              active again doing 1-8(1d8)  damage
                              each  round until  neutralized.   A
                              SLOW  POISON  spell  will  add   2-
                              12(2d6)  turns to the "sleep"  time
                              of   the  poison,  or  if  it   has
                              awakened, it will cause  "dormancy"
                              for 1-4(1d4) rounds.

Wolf spider poison            Does 1-4(1d4) damage

Wyvern venom                  Save  vs.  death else take  1  -  6
                              (1d6) points of damage

Wyverwraith poison            Save vs. poison or take 9-54  (9d6)
                              damage, save indicates half damage.
                              Save again or lose one life  level,
                              if   successful,  take  1-4   (1d4)

X                             Causes  10 points of  damage  until
                              death occurs

XX                            Causes    Instant    Death    (Save
                              indicates no effect)

XXX                           Causes Instant Death (No Save)

Yaanth poison                 Save  vs.  poison or  be  paralyzed
                              forever (It never wears off!)

Yaksa                         A  white liquid or  powder,  smells
                              like  cherries.  Does 4 - 32  (4d8)
                              damage,  Starts  in 1  -  8  rounds
                              after contact, runs it's course  in
                              1 - 4 turns.  Save for no damage at

Yellow peril poison           Save vs. poison or take 7-42  (7d6)
                              to 12-72 (12d6) damage

Yellow peril toxin            Does 4-16(4d4) to 7-28(7d4) damage,
                              save for no damage.  Anyone who has
                              been  damaged  by this  toxin  will
                              retain  a yellowish tint  in  their
                              skin  until a RESTORATION spell  is
                              cast upon them

Yellow urchen poison          Save vs. poison or be paralyzed for
                              1 - 6 days

Yellowback mushroom poison    When   this  mushroom   powder   is
                              consumed,   it  disolves   into   a
                              chemical that causes an  chemically
                              induced "Power Word, STUN"

Yellowbog Poison              When  this poison comes in  contact
                              with the air, it oxidizes instantly
                              into a 10 - 60 foot diameter  cloud
                              (1d6*10).   All  creatures  in  the
                              cloud take 3 - 18 (3d6) damage  per
                              round.  Save for half damage

Yellowbog poison              When this poison comes into contact
                              with    the   air,   it    oxidizes
                              instantly,  creating a cloud (10  -
                              60  feet in diameter).  All in  the
                              cloud  taking 3-18(3d6) damage  per
                              round (Save for half damage)

Zebrilla toxin                Does  1-4  (1d4)  damage  and   the
                              victim  must save or fall  into  an
                              epileptic state that lasts 1  round
                              + 1 round for each point that  they
                              missed  their save by.  If a 1  was
                              rolled,  the epilepsy lasts  for  5
                              turns and has a 10% chance of being

Zzotza                        This  toxin gets NO save.  It  does
                              1-20  (1d20)  damage, 1  point  per
                              round.   But the victim is  stunned
                              and  placed into a  gassious  state
                              for the duration as well

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