Poison List - Part I

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Here is something off an old RP listserver. There are 4 parts.

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                    - Poisons of the Realm -

 This  document reveals most of the poisons, toxins, venoms,  and
acids  that have been discovered in use around the  realms.   The
terms are described below.  Note that some of these are real-life
poisons and should NOT EVER be considered for anything other than


  Poison:     Some  form  of  harmful substance  that  exists  in
              naturally with no alterations from PC's (Other than
              the collecting of said poison)

  Toxin:      A damaging substance that does NOT occur in nature.
              A toxin must be produced manualy by an alchemist or

  Mixture:    A  substance that is used as a poison, but must  be
              made and produced by magic.

  Venom, Spit:A sdamaging substance that is produced ONLY  within
              the  glands of an animal.  Generally thought to  be
              the  strongest  of the poison types, but  also  the
              hardest to collect.

  Acid:       A corrosive substance that either exists in nature,
              is  produced by an animal gland, or is produced  by
              someone.   Causes  damage  upon  contact  but   can
              usually be washed off upon initial contact to  stop
              damage, unlike a poison.


                      - Forms of Poisons -

Ingestive:    This form of poison is the most common.  To  effect
              a creature, it must first ingest the poison.   This
              means that the creature must eat the poison one way
              or another.  Getting a poison in this form is of  a
              normal cost.

Insinuative:  This form of poison will effect a creature just  by
              getting  it  into it's blood stream.  This  is  the
              form  of  poison that is used on weapons.  (And  in
              specialized  weapons as a Dagger of  Venom).   This
              form of poison costs an extra 50% to create (Cost *

Contact:      This form of poison will effect a creature just  by
              coming in contact with the poison.  This is one  of
              the most expensive and most dangerous forms.   Many
              a  user has slain themselves through  carelessness.
              This form of poison costs 300% normal cost (Cost  *
              3)   NOTE:  This form of poison is easily  bypassed
              by  thick  gloves.  However  I  have  heard  of  an
              assassin which mixes acid and poison for just  that
              sort of case.

Gas:          This  form  of poison is very dangerous.   It  will
              effect  EVERYTHING within range.  You will have  to
              pay a pretty gold piece for any alchemist to add an
              oxidizing  agent to a poison and it's EXPENSIVE  to
              ask someone to risk their life for that.  This form
              costs 1000% normal costs (Cost * 100).  The  normal
              effect  is  a sealed vial which  when  broken  will
              produce a 20' x 20' x 20' cloud of gas.

Antidotes:    Antidotes  are available if a sample of the  poison
              is  made  available.   The  antidote  usually  cost
              120%   of  the  purchace  price  of   the   poison.
              Antidotes  take approximately one week  to  create,
              and  must  be administered within 2 rounds  of  the
              toxification to be effective.  If no sample of  the
              toxin  is  availible, one cam be distilled  from  a
              blood  sample, but that will take  approximately  a
              month and a 1,000 extra gold (by then it's too late

                        - NOTE TO GM'S -

      These  poison (toxins...etc...) have not been assigned  any
     price  or  dosage for effect (with few  exceptions).   These
     things are  up to you.  This also goes for  availability  of
     these and antidotes (Note thought that there are a few  that
     have no known antidote!)  The only other note I should  make
     is  to  keep these in control.  To many can really  throw  a
     game  out  of  balance.  For assassins  to  study  these,  I
     usually  allow them on type (Poison, Toxin,  venom...etc...)
     to  learn and they may learn how to use, collect,  produce..
     it  from 5th level on.  For each level afterwards, they  may
     learn one more from that type of poison.

                     - Now for the Poisons -

A                             Causes  6  - 10  points  of  damage
                              (1-6, 1-8, 1-10)

AA                            Causes six or less points of damage
                              (1-3, 1-4, 1-6)

Achaierai poison              Creates  a poison gas  cloud  which
                              does 2 - 12 (2d6) damage (no save),
                              then  save vs. poison or go  insane
                              for 3 hours as the druid FEEBLEMIND

Ajida                         Odorless, colorless liquid.  Does 5
                              - 60 (5d12) damage, starts in 1 - 6
                              rounds,  runs it's course in 1 -  3
                              turns.   Vision  grows  dim   after
                              victim  takes 10 points of  damage,
                              continues to dim until 30 points of
                              damage  is  taken,  at  which  time
                              victim is functionally blind.  Only
                              a   CURE   BLINDNESS   spell   will
                              neutralize    this   effect.     If
                              blindness does not occur,  victim's
                              vision  will clear in 2 - 5  turns.
                              Save for half damage at -4

Amber death                   Appears  as  a thin  amber  colored
                              carbonated  liquid  or  amber  gel.
                              Starts  in  1-4 (1d4)  rounds,  and
                              runs  it's  course in  2-20  (2d10)
                              rounds.   Damage  is equal  to  the
                              total  hit  points  of  the  victim
                              divided  by  the number  of  active
                              rounds of the poison. (Round  *ALL*
                              fractions up!)

Antman poison                 This poison does 4-26(4d6)  damage,
                              save for half

Archer bush poison            Save vs. poison or die.  If save is
                              made,   victim  loses  half   their
                              remaining hit points

Ascomoid spores               Save vs. poison or die in 1-4 (1d4)
                              rounds.   If  save  is  made,   the
                              victim  is blinded and stunned  for
                              1-4 (1d4).  Victim gains NO  shield
                              or dexterity bonus

Asp toxin                     Save  vs. poison or take 1-8  (1d8)
                              damage per round for 20 rounds  (or
                              until cured).  Save each round  for
                              half damage

Asp venom                     Does 4d6 points of damage

Assassin bug poison           Save vs. poison or be paralyzed for
                              7  -  12 rounds, a  save  indicates
                              that it effects the recipient as  a
                              SLOW spell for 1 turn

Assassin snake toxin          Created  from a mixtre  of  various
                              types  of snake venoms.  Due  to  a
                              constant state of instability,  the
                              save  and  damage results  must  be
                              rolled     for    at    time     of
                              Rolled #   Save   Result
                              --------   ----   -------------------
                              01 - 04     +3    Incapacitated
                              05 - 08     +2    Death
                              09 - 11     +1    2-8 (2d4) damage
                              12 - 14      0    3-12 (3d4) damage
                              15 - 17     -1    Incapacitated 4 days
                              18 - 19     -1    Incapacitated 12 days
                                20        -3    Death

Assassin's venom              A standard poison for assassins, it
                              does  1d20 per day of brewing  time
                              (an average dose does 1d20 to 4d20,
                              but cannot exceed 10d20 in damage).
                              It  costs 500 gold per day to  make
                              and if a 5,000 gold piece  gemstone
                              is powdered and added to the  brew,
                              the  poison will do  an  additional
                              1d12  damage per gemstone  per  day
                              (one stone per day maximum)

Ayala                         Scarlet  fluid.  Does 4 - 24  (4d6)
                              damage,  starts in 2  rounds,  runs
                              it's course in 1 - 3 rounds.   Save
                              for half damage at -3

B                             Causes  10  - 20 points  of  damage
                              (2d6, 2d8, 3d6, 2d10, 1d20)

Bamboo poison                 Damage done is 1d8 to 4d8, and  the
                              creature is -1 to -4 to hit for 1 -
                              6   days  afterward  due  to   skin

Banded krait venom            77%  chance of death, NO SAVE.   If
                              this venom is left out in the  open
                              air,  it  will  evaporate   in  4-7
                              (1d4+3) segments

Baneberry                     Save  vs. poison or victim now  has
                              double chance to catch lycanthropy,
                              decreasing  1% per week until  down
                              to normal percentages

Barba amarilla                Save  vs. poison or all  voulentary
                              muscles will cease to function  for
                              1-4 (1d4) days.  Save at -2

Belpren                       This  is a luminescent blue  acidic
                              substance  does 1-12 (1d12)  damage
                              instantly  upon skin  and  internal
                              tissues    (No   save).     Further
                              applications  of Belpren  will  not
                              cause   any  more  damage  to   the
                              effected area, but the damage given
                              above  is for a roughly  hand-sized
                              area   of   exposure;   for    each
                              additional  area  exposed,  add  an
                              additional   1-12  (1d12)   damage.
                              However, no damage will be taken if
                              used   internally   (As   Ingestive
                              poison),   it   will   cause   only
                              immediate     and      invoulentary
                              vomiting.  Belpren will not corrode
                              metal,  nor will it harm  cloth  or
                              cured   leather.   It   dries   and
                              becomes ineffective in but a single
                              round when exposed to open air,  so
                              it cannot be used as a blade venom.
                              Belpren is neutralized by lamp oil.
                              Belpren   is   effecting   on   all

Birdsnake venom               Save or take 2 points of damage per
                              round  for 1-10 (1d10)  rounds.   A
                              save indicates half damage

Black hydra                   This  is an acid that  bursts  into
                              flames  upon cotact with  the  air,
                              annd does 3-36(6d6) damage

Black mead                    Clear  liquid or gel,  smells  like
                              honey.  Does 10 - 80 (10d8) damage,
                              starts in 1 round, runs it's course
                              in 15 rounds.  Causes disorentation
                              (-2  to hit, damage, 30% chance  of
                              spell  failure) after 20 points  of
                              damage  are  taken;   Disorentation
                              increases  in  steps of  10  points
                              (Additional -1 to hit, damage,  +5%
                              to  spell  failure).   This  effect
                              wears off 1 - 3 turns after  poison
                              has run it's course.  Save for half
                              damage at -4

Black scorpion poison         Paralyzes victim and does 9-36(9d4)
                              to 16-64(16d4) damage

Black widow toxin             Does 1-6(1d6) damage

Black widow venom             Save vs. poison or take 1d4  damage
                              per  round for 10 rounds. Save  for
                              half damage each round

Black willow acid             Causes  1-4 (1d4) damage per  round
                              until neutralized.  Water will wash
                              this off

Bleeding heart                This  plant  toxin  causes  irratic
                              muscle spasms causing the victim to
                              roll a system shock successfully or
                              die immediately on the spot

Blight worm poison            Save vs. poison or take 4-24  (4d6)

Bloodrot                      Bloodrot   toxin   causes   nausea,
                              vomiting,  faintness, vertigo,  and
                              insensability.    It  reduces   the
                              bodies  physical  strength  to  the
                              point  where  the  victim  has   to
                              concentrate  to  keep  their  heart
                              beating.  Save at -1 or die in 3-18
                              (3d6) rounds

Bloodthorn elixir             This  elixir  is derived  from  the
                              thorns and stalks of the bloodthorn
                              vine.   When used, one random  limb
                              of the victim will become paralyzed
                              for  3-6 (1d4+2) rounds.   Save  is
                              made at -1

Blowfish oil poison           This poison is a modified  Blowfish
                              poison,  only it will paralyze  the
                              victim.   It has no effect  if  the
                              victim saves vs. poison

Blowfish poison               Save vs. poison or be paralyzed for
                              1 - 4 days, else victim effected by
                              a SLOW spell for 2 - 12 turns

Blue lotus                    Topaz colored gel.  Does 5-30 (5d6)
                              damage, starts in 1-4 (1d4) rounds,
                              runs  it's  course  in  1-8   (1d8)
                              rounds.  Paralisys sets in after 15
                              points of damage, wears off in  1-3
                              (1d6/2)  turns in victim  survives.
                              Save for half damage at -2

Blueback mushroom poison      Causes  the victim to become  dizzy
                              and light-headed, causing a  FUMBLE
                              spell and the loss of any sense  of
                              direction for 48 hours

Bluebog Poison                Made   from   creatures   from    a
                              different dimension, this poison is
                              very   rare.   When  it  comes   in
                              contact  with the air, it  explodes
                              for 8-64 (8d8) damage is a 20  foot

Boggle oil                    This oil is alchemical  preperation
                              of  boggle skin  secretions.   When
                              used,  the  victim  must  save  vs.
                              paralyzation EACH time they attempt
                              a movement.  If the save is missed,
                              they fall down.  It takes one round
                              to   stand  or  sit   again.    The
                              duration   is  25  -   constitution

Boomslang                     Save or die (at +2)

Bracken poison                Destroys   red  blood  cells   (See
                              Mistletoe  poison), victim takes  1
                              point    of    damage    per    day
                              (Cumulative)  and  3d6  damage   is
                              taken  at  introduction  of  poison
                              into victim

Braylock                      An  odorless, surupy amber  liquid.
                              Does 5 - 40 (5d8) damage, starts in
                              1 - 2 rounds, runs it's course in 1
                              turn.  Save for half damage at -1

Breek                         An odorless colorless liquid.  Does
                              5 - 40 (5d8) damage, starts in 1  -
                              8 rounds, runs it's course in 1 - 4
                              turns.  Save for no damage

Buckeye honey                 The honey from this rare plant will
                              cause vertigo, confusion, and if  a
                              save  is not made, the victim  will
                              go into a coma for 2-12 (2d6) days

Budwhipper mushrooms          This    mushroom   powder    causes
                              advanced  drunkedness,  the  victim
                              will  pass out and will be out  for
                              23  -  constitution  rounds.    Any
                              alcohol consumed over the next week
                              will  cause  a  relapse  into   the
                              previous state

Buluka                        Bluish    paint-like     substance.
                              Contact does 3 - 30 (3d10)  damage,
                              starts  in 1 - 6 rounds, runs  it's
                              course  in 1 turn.  Save  for  half
                              damage   at  -2.   Leaves  a   blue
                              discoloration after being applied

Bumblebee toxin               There  are  three  types  of   this
                              toxin:    Normal,  Warrior,  Queen.
                              The  toxin  does 5d4 damage  if  no
                              save  is made (Half damage if  save
                              is  made).   The save  is  adjusted
                              according  to  the  type  of  toxin

                               -  Normal:   +0 save / +0 damage
                               -  Warrior:  -2 save / +2 damage
                               -  Queen:    -4 save / +4 damage

C                             Causes  21  - 30 points  of  damage
                              (3d8, 4d6, 3d10, 5d6)

Cascabel venom                Save  or die else take 2 points  of
                              damage per round until the venom is
                              neutralized.  The antidote to  this
                              venom works only 35% of the time

Cashew oil poison             Causes 4d6 points of damage

Catfish poison                Does 2-8 (2d4) damage, half  damage
                              if save is made

Chak                          White  chalky  fluid.   Does   2-16
                              (2d8) damage, starts in one  round,
                              runs  it's  course in  1-3  (1d6/2)
                              rounds.  This actually reduces  the
                              creatures  dexterity by  one  point
                              per  six  points of  damage  taken.
                              THIS   LOSS   IS   PERMENANT.     A
                              restoration is required to  recover
                              the  lost  points.   Save  for   no
                              damage at -5

Chayapa                       A  blue  liquid,  used  on  arrows,
                              darts,  needles, and  sometimes  in
                              daggers  of  venom.   It  must   be
                              injected   and   works   only    on
                              humaniods  (ie: characters),  never
                              on   monsters,  and  it   sets   in
                              immediately.   It's  effect  is  to
                              cause  a  deep  sleep  for  3  -  7
                              (1d4+2)  rounds.  This poison  will
                              effect elves.  Save for no effect

Choke weed poison             Causes   choking   for   1-12(1d12)
                              rounds (Incapacitating the victim),
                              in  addition, the victim must  save
                              vs. poison or take 1-6(1d6)  damage
                              each  round.  This poison will  not
                              effect orcs or half-orcs in any way

Chrysanthemums                Destroys the central nervous system
                              of the victim, Damage is 8d8.  Save
                              indicats one quarter damage

Cobra dust                    Save  vs.  poison  (at  -2)  or  be
                              blinded  until  a HEAL spell  or  a
                              CURE BLINDNESS spell

Cobra venom                   Does 6d6 points of damage

Conehead poison               Save   vs.  poison  or  take   4-24
                              (1d4*6) damage

Convultionary                 Causes  invoulntary muscle  spasms,
                              placing the character out of action
                              for 3 - 18 rounds

Copper centipede (Pincher)    Save  vs. poison or take  2-12(2d6)
                              damage.  A save indicates no damage

Copper centipede (Stinger)    Save  vs. poison or take  6-36(6d6)
                              damage.   A  save  indicates   half

Coral snake venom             Save or take 4-24 (4d6) damage

Corrabus poison               Save vs. poison or take 10-60(10d6)
                              damage.   A  save  indicates   half
                              damage.  Then save vs  paralyzation
                              or be paralyzed until cured

Couatl venom                  Save vs. poison or die

Coulmbine                     This poison causes accute shortness
                              of breath, the victim may fight  or
                              move rapidly for only three  rounds
                              before having to rest for a  round.
                              This  lasts  for  10-20   (1d10+10)

Crocotta poison               This poison from this creature is a
                              blend  of TWO neurotoxins  as  only
                              mother nature can do, therefore the
                              victim must save vs. poison  twice.
                              Each poison does 7-42(7d6)  damage,
                              ans a save indicates half damage

Crowfoot                      Save vs. poison or ths poison  will
                              cause accute blistering inside  the
                              trachea   causing  the  victim   to
                              slowly  choke to death in 3  rounds
                              (plus constitution bonus)

Crystle elixir                Created  by  Alchemy  from  crystle
                              ooze,  this will  paralyze  victims
                              for  3-18 (3d6) rounds and will  do
                              2-8  (2d4)  damage. Save  for  half

Cuph                          A   clear   liquid,   smells   like
                              pineapple.   Does  4  -  24   (4d6)
                              damage,  starts  in 1 -  6  rounds,
                              runs  it's course in 1 -  8  turns.
                              Save for no damage at +1

Cyanide                       Save  vs. poison or die  else  take
                              4d4 damage

D                             Causes  31  - 40 points  of  damage
                              (4d8, 6d6, 4d10, 5d8, 2d20)

DM-A                          Causes  20 points of damage, 10  if
                              save is made

DM-B                          Causes  30 points of damage, 15  if
                              save is made

DM-C                          Causes  40 points of damage, 20  if
                              save is made

DM-D                          Causes  death, 25 points of  damage
                              if save is made

DM-E                          Causes  death, 30 points of  damage
                              if save is made

DM-F                          Causes 15 points of damage, none if

DM-G                          Causes 25 points of damage, none if

DM-H                          Causes 35 points of damage, none if

DM-I                          Causes death, nothing if save

DM-J                          Turns  victim to stone for 5  -  20
                              rounds  (System Shock check is  not

DM-K                          Muscle    relaxant,   Causes    all
                              voluntary  muscles to relax (-5  to
                              strength, +3 to armor class)

                              Hint: A good cure for convultionary

Darksnake                     Reddish   powder,  leaves  a   pale
                              reddiscoloration on flesh or others
                              surfaces when applied.  Does 4 - 24
                              (4d6)  damage, starts in  1  round,
                              runs it's course in 1 - 10  rounds.
                              Save for no damage

Death adder venom             Save  for  die else  lose  half  of
                              remaining hit points

Death coma                    Save  vs.  poison  or  this   toxin
                              causes   total  loss  of   muscular
                              coordination  and rapid  breathing.
                              Victim  may  not  move  unassissted
                              while  under the influence of  this
                              toxin,  lasts 5-20 (5d4) rounds

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