[MUD-Dev] question about tile-based games

Scott Boding sboding at cybersource.com
Wed Aug 11 10:56:45 CEST 1999

Chris Gray wrote:
> I'm working on a tile-based demonstration world right now, and have run into
> something that I'm not sure how to resolve. So, I thought I'd ask others out
> there what they have done in this situation.

Have you seen Crossfire? They deal with situation by only allowing one
creature/player to occupy a square at a time, but for the special case of a
player entering the game, that rule is sometimes broken. I've logged in and
been position right on top of other monsters before. It is usually a simple
matter to move off of them.

This does present a problem though, depending on how you organize your map
structure. Also, in the case of crossfire which has monsters that occupy
multiple squares, it is possible to end up stuck in the middle of a monster
and unable to move off without killing the monster. (The situation is a little
hard to describe without a picture, but basically you are in the middle of a
9-tile monster.)

I'm not certain of all the details of how it works, but from a gameplay
standpoint it seems to work fine. You could probably find more info at the
crossfire web site:


Good luck!


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