[MUD-Dev] question about tile-based games

Katrina McClelan kitkat at marcus.pants.nu
Wed Aug 11 13:03:15 CEST 1999

On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Jeremy Music "Sterling" wrote:

> > I'm working on a tile-based demonstration world right now, and have run into
> > something that I'm not sure how to resolve. So, I thought I'd ask others out
> > there what they have done in this situation.
> Why not have a starting area where everyone that logs on starts in a
> certain area (it kinda sounds like that is your intention, because if they
> just came back in wherever they left and you had a reasonable sized world
> it just wouldn't usually matter).  That area has no traps, areas that
> shouldn't be gotten to, etc., and has 300 tiles that are flagged as
> startup tiles (increase number for increased numbers of concurrent
> logins).  These 300 tiles are then used in order, if someone is standing
> on tiles 1 through 97 the next person to log in gets placed on 98.

Though I suspect that a bigger problem is the situation where Joe (marked
by J) decides to annoy Bobo (marked by the B) and does the following (the 
#'s marks walls):

                      # # # # #
              # # # # #       #
                      J   B   #
              # # # # #       #
                      # # # # #

You might be well off to allow passing through a square (if not stopping)
that is occupied by an non-hostile being (similar to games like Final
Fantasy Tactics, or Vandal Hearts). (ie when Bobo tried to go on top of
Joe, he'd end up on the other side of Joe, not the same square as Joe)  
However if Joe attacked Bobo, thus becoming hostile (or Bobo attacks Joe)
then passing would be impossible, but combat would have to be started to
block Bobo in.  (in a pkill mud this would force Joe to subject himself to
a justice system to block Bobo in, and in a non-pkill mud he wouldn't be
able to become hostile and thus unable to trap Bobo)


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