[MUD-Dev] question about tile-based games

Chris Gray cg at ami-cg.GraySage.Edmonton.AB.CA
Fri Aug 13 15:42:02 CEST 1999

[Hans-Henrik Staerfeldt:]

> >                       # # # # #
> >               # # # # #       #
> >               A J M B         #
> >               # # # # #       #
> >                       # # # # #
> > 
> > How does Bob manage to do anything to Joe? Certainly, he can go out of the
> > room, but how does he manage to do anything at all to Joe? Is this sort of
> > behavior considered acceptable?
> It would allow him to 'wait him out'. I would guess it could be equally 
> annoying for both parties. Joe would not be able to leave, if he did, Bob
> would be able to follow (assuming for all posibilitys sake that you are 
> able to change direction while passing through other people).
> This would also allow for some variant 'quantum character tunneling
> effect', which would allow characters to 'tunnel' through a long row
> of other characters, if you don't check if its possible (by movement
> points, tile availability and the like) for Bob to go trhough A, J and M
> before you allow him.

It seems that all of the solutions to this have interesting game
consequences! For now, I've taken the easy way out, and just allowed
stacking of characters where characters appear (this would apply to
teleport destinations as well), but no movement onto occupied cells.
Thus, it is quite easy for one or more characters to block passages, etc.

Don't design inefficiency in - it'll happen in the implementation.

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