[MUD-Dev] Mud Economies (A simple idea)

Wes Connell wconnell at adhesive.com
Mon Mar 15 17:12:51 CET 1999

While reading the discussion on the faucet-drain economy stuff I came up
with this idea. Please excuse me if this idea is old-hat or has been
mentioned before. I'm only on 1997 in the archives =]. Anyways, here is my

When the mud boots up it parses all the player files and calculates the
total number of "credits" (credits being generic currency or something).
Then depending on the size of the number the mud economy will be effected
in a corrosponding manner. 

The calculation can be almost anything. It can calculate equipment,
skills, money, kills, anything. It can be the difference from
yesterdays calculation, the difference between it and a static hardlimit, 
etc. You get the point. The calculation will spit out an economy_value.

If the calculation shows that players are hoarding equipment, hoarding
money, getting to strong, whatever then this will affect the way the mud
is loaded. If things are going well for the players then lessen the
starting cash on mobs, raise shop prices, raise training prices, make mobs
a little stronger, etc. 

Then as the players get weaker or poorer then things will go back to

Obviously the economy_value would have to change dynamically while the mud
is still up. That would suck to have to reboot everynight or so. As far as
I can tell this would sort of keep things in a balance. It would wax and
wane, but that would make it interesting.

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