[MUD-Dev] Self-organizing worlds (was: Elder Games)

B. Scott Boding sboding at fcicom.com
Tue Mar 16 07:33:51 CET 1999

Chris Gray wrote:
> [Scott Boding:]
>  >It seems though that the problem doesn't necessarily lie in how to give the
>  >character more characteristic to enhance, but to provide the player with more
>  >challenges and exploring. I suppose this becomes a situation though of trying to
>  >lay the track before the train gets there. I've always wanted to try and develop
>  >a self-expanding universe, but I've never had the time to build something like
>  >that. Has anyone toyed with that concept?
> Toyed is exactly the right word. I'm very slowly heading in that direction,
> but don't expect any results worth talking about for a couple years, at
> the rate I'm going!
> There has been discussion of this on the list before (as usual!), but I
> don't have any specific references. Try searching for "paths",
> "fractal", etc.

Not to beat a dead horse, but I just wanted to share this idea. I'm going to
search the archives right after this email.

I've always thought it would be stylish to use Artificial Life techniques for
realm maintinance. It would require some AI as well, but it could produce a much
more rewarding effect. I've always hated how monsters and rooms just regenerate
on schedule. I thought that if you introduced a population into a realm, and let
that population perpetuate itself that it would make for an interesting effect.
If players overharvest the monsters, it actually works against them.

Not just for combat though, but instead of resetting a room and removing the
contents, have monsters that actually go around and clean up the areas. They
could even collect the goods and sell them, or use them to re-equip their army.
I'm getting a little fanciful here but it would be interesting to see the

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