[MUD-Dev] Re: pet peeves

Matthew Mihaly diablo at best.com
Tue Mar 16 07:56:29 CET 1999

On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, Benjamin D. Wiechel wrote:

> Once upon a time, you too were a newbie.  Be that a newbie
> player, or a newbie coder, at one point, you too were the
> freshly exposed.  And at some point, you opted to take the
> time to gain more knowledge, and improve your abilities.
> Today, the arrogance of mud and/or game admins seems to
> be quite striking, that they would turn away conversation
> so quickly and easily, without thought or concern that this
> person could be a valuable resource -- simply because they
> either are a newbie, or lacked the tact to be able to seduce
> your interest appropriately.

Right. We should all spend our valuable time entertaining every request
from every newbie, just like Oracle should spend their time interviewing
everyone who sends in a resume, no matter how crap that resume is. If your
time isn't valuable, that's fine. Mine is.


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