[MUD-Dev] On the topic of Mud AI

Leif Hardison leif at marblehead.com
Tue Mar 16 18:06:50 CET 1999

I started a bunch of code snippets and test creatures using this kind
of mind set. Unfortunately it was shot down by my muds administration.
They deemed that it would suck up to much memory and resources *boggle*
shouldn't matter to much since I am running the host but that's another
point entirely.

I started out with simple things like puddle creatures that when they
came into contact with each other they looked at the traits of others.
Depending on things like if they were attacked by such a type of
they formed very simple views of that creature. So the yellow blobs
had a habit of staying away from the vicious tan blobs I cloned into
the set of rooms. Because the tan blobs were designed to be very weak
yet aggressive creatures the yellow blobs had the time to freak out
and move to other rooms upon the entrance or detection of a tan blob.

In another case I used a simple rabbit object that would move around
and reproduce...

It would be cool to design a mud based on automated reproduction of
creatures and see what happens. If anyone would be interested in
starting such a project let me know.

 -Leif aka Voda

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