[MUD-Dev] Getting Started with Mud Server

Stormblade stormblade at bellsouth.net
Sat Mar 27 07:58:43 CET 1999

Hey All,

I have decided to try my hand at creating a mud code base. I think it
will be great fun and a good learning experience. Do any of you have
some good sources or ideas I can readily get my hands on that will help
me with the design of the game? 

Right now my plans are to create a multi-threaded mud server on the
Windows NT platform. I will be using C++ and trying my best to maintain
an OO structure. I will be using dlls. The design has to allow for
various modules to be created, developed and tested completely
independant of the server. Customizability is definately a main thrust.

Some background on me. I'm a professional programmer. I've been
programming in C for about 10 years and C++ for 5. I'm certainly not as
confident with C++ as with C but I'm definately above the intermediate

As for servers of any type I'm a complete newbie. I wrote one in VB a
while back using the Winsock control but that's about it. So I'd need
some basic "Mud Server for Dummies" type info like what are the things
the mud server is going to have to handle and things like that.

Any pointers to sources will be appreciated but I'm really looking for
your opinions and ideas on the design like what to include in the server
and what to place in a dll and so forth.

Thanks in advance.

Shaolin Code Warrior

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