[MUD-Dev] Second Life's customers own the IP of their creatio ns

Jeff Thompson mythrndr at mac.com
Fri Nov 21 23:17:42 CET 2003

On Nov 21, 2003, at 1:13 AM, Christer Enfors XW (TN/PAC) wrote:
> Lee Sheldon wrote:
>> Christer Enfors wrote:

> Right, the operative words being "sign away". In the online world,
> we don't sign anything - we click "I agree". I've heard that it
> takes nothing less than a signed contract to give away copyright on
> something. If that's true, Second Life never had copyright / IP of
> the objects players create in the first place.

The following webpage has a very nice discussion on "I Agree" buttons
and whether they are binding when they are in regards to a contract.



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