[MUD-Dev] RE: A world without charity

Jeff Crane jeff at monstersinmotion.com
Wed Nov 26 10:58:19 CET 2003

"Castronova, Edward" <ecastronova at Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU> writes:
> Eamonn wrote:

>> I started to wonder why players can trade items for money, and
>> the answer is simple, because in game mechanics generally allow
>> you to hand an item over to a player and to recieve nothing in
>> return, an act of charity. So this got me thinking, if the game
>> prevented acts of charity such that all you could do with an item
>> was junk it (i.e. remove it from the game world, not drop it) or
>> trade it for an equally valuable item what would this do to the
>> game world?

>  (replying to an old thread)

> Just want to mention that developers already do this:

> I am sure there is more.

3. Taxing transactions

I believe Lineage 2 is doing something like this.
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