[MUD-Dev] [News] Virtual goods--Oh, the controversy!

Eric Random e_random at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 14 14:00:55 CEST 2004

On Mon, 12 Apr 2004, Jeff Fuller wrote:

> end game raid content that yields the the top end items is alot
> about skill

Although experience may be required to effectively use a high level
character, the time required to obtain the experience to play a high
level character effectively is not as long as the time required to
get a character to high level.

Further, the time invested to achieve a high level character does
not guarantee the player the ability to effectively play a high
level character. This is dependent on the unique players personal
skillset and the complexity of the character's effectiveness.

Although there may be no "win" state, the market illustrates that if
a player is given the opportunity to achieve a higher level without
the time investment, they may strongly consider the opportunity. A
player may feel he/she has greater freedom to experience the game's
content and mechanics with a high-level character.

Regardless of the debate over what is ethical or not, players tend
to act in their own best interests. In some cases, a high level
player may want to move on to another game, but is motivated to sell
the account to maximize ROI or minimize expenditure depending how
the player views the value of their gameplay experience. If there is
a demand, it may be in the best interest of this player to sell the

   - Eric Random
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