[MUD-Dev] UI Design in MMOs

Amanda Walker amanda at alfar.com
Thu Dec 23 17:20:02 CET 2004

On Dec 20, 2004, at 9:18 AM, Jason Murdick wrote:

> There is on MMO with a UI that is light-years ahead of any other.
> It is called Horizons and it is fully customizable from within the
> game itself.

I won't consider a UI "fully" customizable unless I can use it on a
multiple monitor system.

All of my computers except the laptops (and even them when I'm using
them at a desk) have multiple monitors.  It sure would be nice to
use that screen real estate when I play games.  The closest I can
come is to play the game in non-full-screen mode (in those games
that allow it) so that it doesn't blank out the second monitor, and
it for web surfing, watching for email, and out-of-game IM systems.

Amanda Walker
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