[MUD-Dev] Why doesn't Lineage count as the most popular MMOG ever?

Ren Reynolds ren at aldermangroup.com
Thu Jan 8 21:28:27 CET 2004

On 27 December 2003 22:35 Michael Hartman wrote:
> On 5 Sep 2003, at 0:41, Martin Bassie wrote:

>> - Star Wars Galaxies was the first to implement player-to-player
>> teaching

> A Tale in the Desert had that before SWG as did countless MUDs.

ATITD's teaching system is often confused with the mentor system so
I just thought I would note that Mentoring is quite different. I'm
not sure any other MMORPG game has codified this type of
player-player relationship but would be interested to know.

Essentially when you start the game you ask people if they will
Mentor you (actually people tend to run up to you and ask if they
can be your Mentor - especially now there are noob islands where
mentors and noobs can be together outside the main game world), the
person then helps you out through the basic tasks that get you to
the first 'level' (citizen - the only real 'level' the game has) in
the game. Then, if you get a paid account, you can build a mentor
shrine to them - but before you do this the system asks a series of
questions about whether the Mentor has looked after you
correctly. What this actually does is form quite strong
relationships between Mentor and Mentee, also you get chains of
these - so I would often ask my Mentor questions my Mentee's asked
me. It also has the effect of making many potential Mentors feel
that they should _sell_ the game to noobs - as trial account can get
you to citizen but only paid accounts can create mentor shrines
(which in turn give the Mentor points etc).

I'd also be interested to know from the eGenesis peep how they think
the system is working out as it's certainly different.

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