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ceo ceo at grexengine.com
Thu Jan 15 23:35:15 CET 2004

NB: probably not of interest to any individual-coders, but certainly
relevant to any dev-teams, especially if you're unsatisfied with

Has anyone tried Vesta? I'd not heard of it until today (someone
sent me a link from the upcoming CodeCon), but it looks pretty good.

For an open-source SCM it has some very cool features like:

  - uses a fn-programming language for specifying builds - none of
  the farting around with inappropriate use of XML (i.e. ANT) nor of
  manual hackery of simple text files (i.e. make)

  - builds are done internally by the SCM itself - so your build
  process is as reproducible as your source (you "check-in" your
  compiler, libs, etc)

  - repository replication as standard (used for the past 3 years by
  some Intel and DEC/Compaq projects for internal site-to-site
  replication, apparently)

  - free :)

I've been looking to replace PerForce with something that's a little
better (not CVS-based) and doesn't cost an arm, a leg, two fingers,
an ear, three ribs... (etc) per user ($750 per user is, IMHO,
shockingly high).

Since so many games-studios use PerForce, and many people on the MD
list have big corporate backgrounds I wondered if any have used
Vesta, and what they thought? We're playing with it right now, and
hope to replace our current RCS-derivative and some CVS's too with
just Vesta...

Adam M
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