[MUD-Dev] Raffle at the MUD-Dev Conference, March 27th and 28th 2004

Ann ann at offmyserver.com
Wed Jan 21 11:26:33 CET 2004


My name is Ann Roja. My company RedandGrey.com, is helping put the
2004 MUD-Dev Conference together.

We are planning to hold a raffle of donated prizes during the
MUD-Dev conference.  This is where you can come in!  We're looking
for donated prizes for the raffle.  Possible prizes could include:

  Free month subscription to your game
  T-shirts or other higher-end promotional material
  Geek toys
  ...something else we haven't thought of...

Prize sponsors would of course be clearly identified during the
raffle process, as well as on all promotional material for the

Please email me, (ann at offmyserver.com) or call me at 408-615-xxxx
with any questions.

Thank you for your time, and support of the MUD-Dev Conference.


Ann Roja
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