[MUD-Dev] Character Perceptions

ceo ceo at grexengine.com
Fri Jan 23 11:32:59 CET 2004

John Buehler wrote:
> Derek Licciardi writes:

>> also believe that more needs to be added to such a system.  If my
>> view of the world is limited by my perception skill, and I know
>> that my perception skill is not complete, I then know my view of
>> the world is also not complete.  This will generally frustrate a
>> player.

> Suppose you think of it as your view of the world being enhanced
> by your perceptions.  I'm talking about adding to the information
> that players receive from the world through their character, not
> reducing it.

> Will they be receiving a subset of all known information?  Sure.
> Will this cause them to be concerned over the need to know more
> information?  Only if the game is structured to encourage them to
> be concerned over it.  I think that problem lies outside of the
> inclusion of a perceptions mechanism into a game.

Surely, theoretically speaking, there is just as high a chance of
players "re-playing the game" (i.e. purchasing another character,
either in series or parallel) as becoming "frustrated"?

>From personal experience, this is the kind of thing that makes me
replay an adventure / CRPG from the start - the opportunity to see
bits / experience situations / extra maps that were impossible with
my original character choice. Without enough of this, I generally
can't be bothered to go back and replay.

Adam M
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