[MUD-Dev] Mythica Cancelled..

Vincent Archer archer at frmug.org
Mon Mar 1 13:52:28 CET 2004

According to Vincent Archer:

> However, I do agree. Microsoft has probably looked at the incoming
> Blizzard juggernaut, has seen the growth of the market below most
> previsions, and decided that Myhtica, without any important
> franchise or name behind it was probably a bad investment. Not for
> gameplay reasons, but simply because the hardcore (gamewise, not
> content) fantasy online segment doesn't seem to be able to support
> growth of too many big games.

As an aside, it looks like Microsoft isn't alone in deciding this.

Ubisoft already dropped the Uru online segment (initial interest was
not very big I heard) and has decided to drop also The Matrix Online
(even if there's a big name recognition on that one).


Publishers getting second toughts?

All this, and EA is apparently shutting down Origin "UO" Systems as

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