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Fri Mar 5 12:08:42 CET 2004

Matt Wrote:
> On Wed, 3 Mar 2004, Jester wrote:

>> Justice implies laws to cover all types of crimes, so I agree the
>> system wont do that, it will only cover the crime of murder, but
>> as this IMHO the most psychologically impacting crime (bar rape)
>> common to the genre, it deserves to be addressed.

> Well, no, that's not what your system covers. What your system
> covers is someone who initiates a physical attack ending in death.

To clarify: a non consensual physical attack ending in death.

My apologies for simplifying this definition to 'Murder' In the UK
(where II live) definition of murder is "The unlawful killing of any
person under the Queens peace" (Smith and Hogan, 'Criminal Law:
Cases and materials. 6th ed. Page 394) Which seemed to fit closely
enough for descriptive purposes.

> That's not the same thing as murder. Murder requires a context (as
> opposed to killing) and this system cannot recognize more than the
> most primitive of contexts.

Once again I'm not going to spilt hairs over a label, for my
purposes the context is largely irrelevant only the end result, we
cannot hope to know what is going on in the mind of the 'murderer'
nor can we consider 'mitigating circumstances' to give us an
insight, all we can do is flag up the fact that through a series of
commands, player A attacked and killed player B without their
consent. The system is intended to bring consequences to player A's
actions without creating potential exploits, nothing more.

In the real world we examine the events (context) surrounding the
killing to determine whether it was:

  a) Intentional or accidental
  b) Provoked or unprovoked
  c) In defence or attack

A)In most games it would be difficult to kill a player accidentally,
as you have to first target the individual then push a key, click an
icon or type a command to attack. Possible but improbable, the only
real exception would be area effect spells or attacks that could
cause 'friendly fire' damage, but as placing a bounty is not
compulsory, the player can decide whether his friend meant to blow
him up :)

B) I have dealt with taunting (provocation) in both previous posts
and on the webpage http://www.futuremmorpg.org/capture.asp

C) Most games can easily tell which character initiated a conflict.

There are other factors such as mental stability but few are
applicable to an in-game environment that is much less complex than
the real world.

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